Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love minoes

Mraw again pussy-cat friends!
Some things I like at the moment:
This is an alternative to those boring plastic drinking fountains! Aren't hey just adorable?
I would just love to get my muzzle drenched in one of these!! via

I just absolutely love these! I really do hope my owners will buy me this soon! The cave they have for me is getting dirty and smells like Harley pee. Ew. via

And I do like these. Not for me, of course. For my owner! I give you so many love scratches that I think she should use these instead of those sticky skin-coloured bandages. That way, she will be able to remember me every time she sees it!! via

OOOOOH yes please! My frisky paws would absolutely LOVE to scratch and pull apart! My owner loves to sew and whenever she gets her threads and things out, I love to play! The process of making these would be just as fun as the product!! via

Well, a meo and a mraw for all of yawls!
♥ Minoes

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