Thursday, September 9, 2010

My sweet escape

Today I got stuck.
It was awfully embarrassing. I wrecked my nails by just trying to climb my way out of it.
I think I regained some sort of dignity this afternoon my grooming myself.
I'm feeling a bit groggy after my owners took me to the vet, where the man gave me an injection.
But, don't worry folks, I picked myself off, dusted myself off, licked myself clean of all worries that have concerned me in the past, and held my head high.
With my owner comforting me, I feel much better.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love minoes

Mraw again pussy-cat friends!
Some things I like at the moment:
This is an alternative to those boring plastic drinking fountains! Aren't hey just adorable?
I would just love to get my muzzle drenched in one of these!! via

I just absolutely love these! I really do hope my owners will buy me this soon! The cave they have for me is getting dirty and smells like Harley pee. Ew. via

And I do like these. Not for me, of course. For my owner! I give you so many love scratches that I think she should use these instead of those sticky skin-coloured bandages. That way, she will be able to remember me every time she sees it!! via

OOOOOH yes please! My frisky paws would absolutely LOVE to scratch and pull apart! My owner loves to sew and whenever she gets her threads and things out, I love to play! The process of making these would be just as fun as the product!! via

Well, a meo and a mraw for all of yawls!
♥ Minoes

Monday, August 2, 2010

Much Love Monday

I'm not so good at blog posting, seeing as I am an old cat and, having not grown up with technological necessities the kitties are these days, and I haven't learnt as much as Minoes has. However, my owners' blog, always has a thing called much love Monday. So, just to make sure she knows all the things I want, here is an idea list:

a nice little hat bed... I figured it would look fancy with my fur colour, just like this fat-looking cat does here.

This looks extra comfortable... and is masculine enough for me. here

Why not take us bike-riding (or should I say me!), perhaps to a nearby pet store for more kitty treats? here

This looks beautiful for my daily frisky routine... I (not Minoes!) would have such a lovely time, don't you think?


Saturday, July 31, 2010


Today I woke up early, being let gently out of the garage by a grumpy human who was ready to take the big silver smelly monster that they call 'car' out of the garage. He had sports skins on and I think he was going running. Yesterday he kept talking about running in a half-marathon... honestly, these humans are on a completely different hemisphere to us.
As I strutted out of the garage (up my ramp), my brother, Harley, followed. I went into my human's bedroom and snuggled up right under her nose. I think I must have woke her up because she smiled and started stroking me! I love my best human friend.

Harley and I had a good day messing with the cushions on my human's couch. I also had constipation because my stupid humans forgot to give me enough water. My nice little human friend, Bella , got so upset she almost started crying. We are best friends.

Bella gave me a new feather toy a couple of weeks ago, and I was able to find it on top of the cupboard. Bella played with me all day!

I'll leave you with some of my favourite things (that I don't have yet!):